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Can I come to the annual NENA potluck?
Of course! It’s open to all in the neighborhood and held every September at Roosevelt elementary. Keep your eye out for neighborhood announcements.I heard that our neighborhood has its own song… is this true?
Yes! Check out the lyrics.Who can I turn to for help resolving a specific issue?
The City of Olympia recently updated information about neighborhood resources on their Neighborhood Programs web page. For your convenience, those resources and several others are listed here. .


Want to Stop Receiving Ad Flyers in Your Front Yard?
Those rolled and wrapped flyers that appear in your front yard or driveway can be stopped. The Olympian distributes the “Extra” paper to non-subscribers of The Olympian. The best and quickest way to get the paper stopped is for the homeowner call customer service and request a stop. 1-800-905-0296. The paper carriers should then be directed by circulation managers to stop delivering these papers.

Animal Control Contact Thurston County Animal Control Services to report stray or dangerous animals.
Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (CNA) The mission of CNA is “to promote and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods by providing a forum to collaborate to achieve common goals.” This is where you go to address issues that affect every neighborhood.
Code Enforcement Report problems such as trash, debris, overgrown vegetation encroaching the right-of-way, and inoperable and unlicensed vehicles on private property.
Graffiti Abatement Have a problem with graffiti in your neighborhood? The Public Works Department provides free graffiti removal kits to recognized Neighborhood Associations & Block Watch groups. To request a kit, call (360) 753-8588, or email Public Works.
Neighborhood Crime Mapping Service This free on-line crime mapping service will let you see police activity that has occurred in the City on a Google-style map. Read through the Neighborhood Crime Mapping paragraph and click through to download the map. Enter a specific address and see what crime has happened in the vicinity of your neighborhood or pan the map to see activity City-wide.
Neighborhood Crossroads Program This program encourages people to create a gathering space for their neighborhood, a place for community interaction and celebrations. An added benefit may be to slow down drivers, making the streets safer for everyone.
Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) NTMP helps residents address traffic concerns in their neighborhood. Neighbors nominate their street for speed control devices, and work with City staff to plan and build their devices.

Olympia School District The two public schools in our neighborhood are Roosevelt Elementary School and Reeves Middle School.


Speeding Concerns

Thurston GeoData Center A great resource for looking up property values and records of home sales.

Walking Route Brochures

Links to walking routes are provided on this City webpage

Download our Walking Routes Through Northeast Olympia guide
(developed by Melinda Spencer in 2008)


Sidewalk Projects
New sidewalks create, complete, and enhance recreational walking routes that link neighborhoods, parks, and schools. Projects identified in the Parks and Pathways program are outlined in the City of Olympia’s Sidewalk Project page.

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