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A city starts with its neighborhoods, and your neighborhood starts with you. By becoming a member of NENA, you’ll be joining one of Olympia’s most effective and active neighborhood associations. 350 members strong and growing, NENA can help you shape the future of your neighborhood and make our community a more vibrant, safer, and more beautiful place to live. As a NENA member you’ll be able to:

  • Stay informed about what’s up in our neck of the woods
  • Tap the creativity, passion, and expertise of your neighbors to address the issues that are important to you
  • Add your voice to your neighborhood’s chorus of voices advocating for positive change on important issues like crime prevention,
    code enforcement, and sidewalk and trail construction.
  • Get to know your neighbors and have fun at NENA events like our annual potluck picnic celebration in September.

Becoming a new member, renewing your current membership, or making a donation is easy. Just download this membership form or use Pay Pal.
Yearly dues are still only $10, although we do encourage those who can to contribute more.


It’s hard to imagine what our neighborhood would be like without Friendly Grove Park, the San Francisco and Miller sidewalks, and Mission Creek Nature Park.  NENA’s role in all of these efforts varied, from being front-and-center to playing a behind-the-scenes role supporting the work of other groups. However, in the end they were all the result of neighbors coming together to make a difference.

  •     Joy Avenue Pathway & edible garden – grand opening in October!
  •     Welcome Mural at the intersection of Puget & San Francisco
  •     San Francisco St hill sidewalk, from East Bay to Garrison
  •     Friendly Grove Park
  •     Mission Creek Nature Park
  •     Fir St Rain Garden
  •     Mission Creek Stewards
  •     Miller Avenue sidewalk
  •     Graffiti Busters (1200+ tags removed)
  •     Roosevelt School Centennial Time Garden & Human Sundial
  •     Quince St sidewalk and other school walking route improvements
  •     Roosevelt School traffic safety improvements
  •     Festivals at SF and Bethel streets
  •     Annual Neighborhood Potluck parties
  •     More than 200 Good Neighbor Awards
  •     Countless park and neighborhood clean-up work parties
  •     Neighborhood kiosks at the SF St Bakery
  •     Wendell Berry Community Garden
  •     Pocket gardens on SF St
  •     Neighborhood Walking Guide
  •     Walk & Roll to School Days
  •     Rousing sing-alongs to our neighborhood anthem, “Walking in the NE Neighborhood,” including the first sing-along with the Olympia City Council


NENA Board of Directors        

Contact us
1910 4th Ave PMB #2
Olympia WA 98506

President: Brian Mark    |   Vice President: Peter Guttchen Treasurer: John Looysen   |  Secretary: Adam Brown

Board members:
Brian Mark    |   Peter Guttchen | Tom Badger   |  Mike Dexel | Amanda Sipher | John Looysen | Adam Brown
NENA members working in these areas:
Facebook Mike Dexel, Peter Guttchen, Keith Edgerton
Graffiti Busters
Touchstone Group Home, Mike Dexel
Joy Avenue Trail
Peter Guttchen, Chris Fuess, Jack Horton, Rozanne Rants, Chuck Schultz, Kristin Sogge, Suzanne Wenner
Tom Badger!
Mission Creek Stewards
Tom Badger & Wendy Gerstel, Lowell Dickson, Cynthia Farrar, Joan Healey, Peter Impara
Austin Hildreth
NENA Bylaws – last updated November, 2016


NENA does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin or ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities, events, projects, or programs.  These activities include, but are not limited to, the selection of board members, association members, volunteers, and vendors.


Austin Hildreth, our neighborhood, generously created a map of our official boundaries:
North:   26th Ave.   |   South:   Yew Ave.    |   East:   South Bay Rd.   |   West:   East Bay Drive / Berry St.
NENA includes parts of unincorporated Thurston County.


NENA’s Board of Directors meets periodically throughout the year. If you have interest in attending a Board meeting please send an email to NENA President


  • Attend board meetings – usually four meetings (2 hours each) per year
  • Help set NENA’s direction and focus
  • Help organize and staff NENA’s annual potluck picnic celebration and other NENA events
  • Help recruit volunteers and new board members
  • Vote on NENA business issues including NENA fund dispersments, election of new board members and officers, approval of NENA correspondence or testimony on community issues, etc.

– Brian Mark

  • Preside over and facilitate board and membership meetings
  • Act as an official spokesperson for the Association
  • Provide periodic updates on neighborhood issues to the membership
  • Project coordination – always in flux

Vice-president – Peter Guttchen

  • Work with the President on event and project planning
  • Represent the Association when the President is not available
  • Act as an official spokesperson for the Association

– Adam Brown

  • Take and prepare meeting minutes for board and membership meetings
  • Organize and maintain the proceedings of the board and the membership

– John Looysen

  • Responsible for all of the Association’s finances including:
    • Keeping the association’s books
    • Ensuring all funds are deposited and disbursed in accordance with the Board’s direction
    • Reporting at least quarterly to the Board on the Association’s finances

Membership – 

  • Maintain mailing and phone list – record of dues paid
  • Coordinate Fall outreach (printed piece to be mailed or hand delivered)
  • Help publicize neighborhood events – press releases, signs, reader board
  • Create a new neighbor packet – welcome new neighbors – working through realtors, Chamber, etc.
  • Inventory of businesses in the NE neighborhood – possibly listing on our website, creating a neighborhood business directory
  • Look for other ways to increase awareness and recruit volunteers – door-to-door, churches, schools, promotion at events and meetings, etc.

– Amanda Sipher

  • Maintain San Francisco St Bakery & Friendly Grove Park kiosks
  • Help design signs and communication materials.

Mission Creek Stewards
– Tom Badger & Wendy Gerstel, Lowell Dickson, Cynthia Farrar, Joan Healey, Peter Impara

*additional help always welcome!

  • Act as the neighborhood’s eyes and ears to monitor Mission Creek Nature Park
  • Report and problems or concerns to the NENA board and the City
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to improve or protect the Park
  • Organize periodic work parties to maintain Park trails, remove non-native vegetation, etc

Graffiti Busters Coordinator
– Peter Guttchen and the many hours of help from the Touchstone crew. – Email Mike Dexel if you can help with cleaning up a few tags.

  • Coordinate graffiti reporting volunteers for specific areas in our neighborhood
  • Liaison between neighborhood and the City, PSE, Qwest, Pacific Disposal, etc.
  • Organize periodic work parties with Touchstone and other community groups
  • Solicit donations of paint and other graffiti removal supplies
  • Contact private property owners who have had their property tagged and arrange to have it cleaned up

Neighborhood Mobility Coordinator/Volunteer
(Walkability, Bikability, Traffic Safety, etc.) – Peter Guttchen leads this effort and welcomes additional interest…

  • Work on projects to make our neighborhood a safer, more beautiful and active-friendly place to walk and bike and drive.

Website Manager – Austin Hildreth

  • Maintain NENA website

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